Site Address: 124 Behms Road, Jacobs Well QLD 4208

List of Products we take for Beneficial Re-Use

We are fully licensed by DERM to take any of the products listed below (our licenses are listed at the bottom of this page).

Lakefill - clean earth material which includes:

  • Sand
  • Soil including acid sulphate soil
  • Shale & rock
  • Clay

We are able to accept the above materials from Red Fire Ant restricted areas.

We also accept the following products for recycling:

  • Concrete washout
  • Green waste
  • Asphalt

Disposal Fees/Charges (GST NOT included) Download

We are currently updating the products and prices on our web site, please use the downloadable price list above.

New prices as per: 01/07/2022

List of Environment Authorities

Concrete Solid Washout: ENEW07602819 (ESR/2020/5248)
Liquid Concrete Washout: ENEW07602719 (ESR/2020/5249)
Crushing, Milling, Grinding: EPPR04347716
Dredging and Extraction Behms Road, Jacobs Well: EPR00690613
Dredging and Extraction Norwell Road, Norwell: EPPR03933316

Fire Ant Bio Security Instrument Permit: BIP-RIFA-1600065

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