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Sand & Soil
All prices are per tonne & ex pit, minimum load charge $50

A Grade Soil
$20.00 per tonne
Fill Sand
$12.00 per tonne
Washed Sand
$28.00 per tonne
50/50 Mix
$28.00 per tonne

New prices as per: 01/07/2021

We have been trading for over 25 years and are still producing the best Loam on the Gold Coast!

The salt content of our products was analysed by 'D.E. Baker BSc, SSA, IUSS'. The results are below:

"EC (electrical conductivity) and chloride indicate salt content. Using general ratings salt concentration is FOR BOTH EC & Chloride:

  • Rated in VERY LOW EC <0.28 to 0.01dS/m for the 5 bulk samples
  • Soil Soluble Chloride is rated very low at <20mg/lkg and is at or near limit of detection for any concentration <10mg/kg.
The very low rated EC & Chloride sands is satisfactory."

Fire Ant Bio Security Instrument Permit: BFP-RIFA-190006

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